about us

Thirty-one years of experience in a one-stop graphic design and editorial services agency

Wordbloom Media Mastery adopted the protea as a potent symbol of strength, survival and resilience. This is because the flower has to go through a fire before its seeds can sprout and its buds bloom. 


Wordbloom blossomed into a full service graphic design and editorial services agency at the end of 2021 once owner Gaylene Jablonkay survived the fires of COVID-19 after growing deep roots in graphic design and editorial work. In the same way, we can help your brand flourish and make your media appeal more to your target market.

What is our mission?

To craft clients’ marketing materials, branding and media into works of art that draw business like bees to nectar.

What is our vision?

To become the go-to graphic design and editorial service agency for small businesses, NGO/NPOs and corporates who want to flourish.

What are our values?

Our values are EPIC – grand in scale or character – with the Tenacity needed to ensure that they are upheld:

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In striving for the best possible outcome, we can cut through the ‘blah’, offer unmatched attention to detail and show commitment to the highest standards.

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Personal Attention

In attending to your needs, pain points and business goals personally, we can help your media to resonate, burgeon and bloom.

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In being honest and transparent, we can cultivate trust and build consistency.

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In keeping you up to date  and having an open conversation, we can foster peace of mind and fully understand your needs and likes.

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In persevering and investigating all options, we can find the best solution for your business.

“She is very professional and keeps to deadlines. She is service and excellence driven and able to accommodate various requests, even at the last minute. Gaylene delivers high-quality work, is easy to work with and reliable, easily contactable and has a great work ethic. Gaylene often delivers all work ahead of schedule and I enjoy doing business with her on a regular basis where she edits and proofreads various publications. I highly recommend her as she is a stellar individual who puts the needs of her client first.”

Melissa Mungroo, Public Relations Officer for the College of Humanities, University of KwaZulu-Natal